Growth Track


The Church Today’s Growth Track is designed to guide you in discovering your God given purpose and to help you begin living out the awesome redemptive life that He has created specifically for you. Growth Track is made up of four parts that have been developed to equip you to know what The Church Today is all about, connect into the Today Family, begin serving others, and continue to grow in your walk with God.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently not holding Growth Track classes, but we encourage you to go ahead and sign-up and we will be sure to let you know as soon as classes start back up.

Part One: Know

The first part of Today’s Growth Track is designed to introduce you to the history, mission/vision, and culture of The Church Today. We will also share what we believe and how you can become a member of this great family.

Part Two: Connect

Part two of Today’s Growth Track focuses on how you can get connected and develop meaningful relationships here at The Church Today that will help you to grow into the disciple that Jesus is calling you to be.

Part Three: Serve

Part three of Today’s Growth track is all about discovering who you are and how your unique gifting makes you a critical component in propelling the mission forward.

Part Four: Grow

Part four of Today’s Growth track is designed to equip you with the resources to grow and develop in your relationship with God. It is one of our greatest pleasures, to not only see people join the Today Family, but to also grow into leaders that are passionate about developing new followers of Jesus.

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