The Bridge

The Bridge is an educational course provided by The Church Today. It is designed to provide an in-depth explanation of what The Church Today is all about by highlighting the important areas of culture, purpose, doctrine, core values, membership and personal involvement. Overall, The Bridge curriculum spans 6 months, but you can get started at any time since the course material cycles around.

The Bridge is highly recommended for anyone who is starting to attend The Church Today and wants to develop in their faith and join in on the mission that this church has to reach the city of Tulsa. Completion of the Bridge is also required to become a voting member and to work in certain areas of leadership (e.g. youth ministry).

The Bridge meets each Sunday at 11:00AM

Course Overview

Part 1 - Principles of Purpose
Part 2 - Principles of Doctrine
Part 3 - Principles of Values
Part 4 - Principles of Living
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